[The] Records [of the Tabernacle]

Exodus 38:21-40:38

When Is P'kudei Read?

/ 29 Adar 5785
/ 4 Adar II 5787


  • A statistical summary of the materials used for the Tabernacle and an account of producing the priestly vestments are recorded. Moses blesses the Israelites for the work they did. (38:21-39:42)
  • Upon God's instruction, Moses sets up the Mishkan and the priests are anointed and consecrated. (40:1-33)
  • A description is given of a cloud that covers the Mishkan by day and a fire that burns by night, indicating God's Presence therein. (40:33-38)

Ten Minutes of Torah: P'kudei Commentary

Freedom - Chains That Transform Into Birds

Parshat P'kudei – A Blueprint for Our Vision of Liberation

By: Rabbi Hilly Haber

The Mishkan, God's dwelling place in the wilderness, is at the center of Israel's liberative process. In Parshat P'kudei, the Israelites finished construction of the Mishkan. As the book of Exodus closes, we read, "Thus was finished all the work of the Mishkan of the Tent of Meeting; and the children of Israel did according to all that the Adonai commanded Moses, so they did." (Exodus 39:32) And again, 10 verses later: "Just as Adonai had commanded Moses, so the Israelites had done all the work." (Ex.39:42)

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