[You Shall Be] Holy

Leviticus 19:1-20:27

When Is K'doshim Read?

/ 3 Iyar 5784
/ 1 Iyar 5787


  • God issues a variety of commandments, instructing the Israelites on how to be a holy people. (19:1-37)
  • Various sex offenses are discussed and punishments for them are presented. (20:1-27)

Ten Minutes of Torah: K'doshim Commentary

Finding Holiness

By: Barbara Weinstein

I have never made a molten God, practiced divination, or let my cattle mate with a different species. (Full disclosure: I've never owned cattle.) At the same time, I'm sure I've put on clothes made from a mixture of two kinds of material, a fashion faux pas and a biblical transgression found in this week's Torah portion, K'doshim.

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Parshat Kedoshim (What if Leviticus Rhymed?! Contagiously Musical Torah)

This week's Torah portion is chock full of rules for living...and the genius of singer/songwriter Elana Jagoda is that she took all those rules and made them rhyme. And rock. Give K'doshim a listen and we promise, you won't soon forget what's holy and what's not. Enjoy this video and more with BimBam.

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