[You Shall Be] Holy

Leviticus 19:1-20:27

When Is K'doshim Read?

/ 6 Iyar 5782
/ 3 Iyar 5784
/ 1 Iyar 5787


  • God issues a variety of commandments, instructing the Israelites on how to be a holy people. (19:1-37)
  • Various sex offenses are discussed and punishments for them are presented. (20:1-27)

Ten Minutes of Torah: K'doshim Commentary

Torrah and Kippah

The Greatest of Gifts

By: Rabbi Ben Spratt

In the heart of Parashat K’doshim, we find a recipe for holiness written into behavior. Love your neighbor as yourself, leave gleanings for the poor, care for the stranger, protect the disabled. Many of these ethical epithets form the backbone of moral society, and resonate across religious and national lines. But the above verse feels oddly off: I pause seeing a positive command to rebuke as somehow linked to an absence of heartfelt hate.

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This week's Torah portion is chock full of rules for living...and the genius of singer/songwriter Elana Jagoda is that she took all those rules and made them rhyme. And rock. Give K'doshim a listen and we promise, you won't soon forget what's holy and what's not. Enjoy this video and more with BimBam.

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