The Tribes

Numbers 30:2−32:42


  • Moses explains to the Israelites the laws concerning vows made by men and women. (30:2—17)
  • Israel wages war against the Midianites. (31:1—18)
  • The laws regarding the spoils of war are outlined. (31:19—54)
  • The tribes of Reuben and Gad are granted permission to stay on the east bank of the Jordan River. (32:1—42)

Ten Minutes of Torah: Matot Commentary

Torrah and Kippah

The Heart of the Matter

By: Philip “Flip” Rice

"Moses spoke to the heads of the Israelite tribes, saying: This is what the Eternal has commanded . . . " (Numbers 30:2)

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Matot: Bible Raps on the Tribes of Israel

This week's Torah parashat is about the tribes who ask Moses if they can stay on the far side of the Jordan when the Israelites go in to settle the Promised Land. Eliana Light and Matt Bar from Bible Raps lay it down. A deal is struck. Check it. Enjoy this video and others from Bim Bam.

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