Sh'lach L'cha

Send [Notables to Scout the Land]

Numbers 13:1−15:41

When Is Sh'lach L'cha Read?

/ 23 Sivan 5784
/ 25 Sivan 5785
/ 28 Sivan 5786


  • Moses sends twelve spies to the Land of Israel to report on the inhabitants and the country. Despite the positive report of Joshua and Caleb, the people are frightened. (13:1–14:10)
  • God threatens to wipe out the Children of Israel but relents when Moses intercedes on their behalf. To punish the people, God announces that all those who left Egypt would not enter the Land of Israel except for Joshua and Caleb. (14:11–45)
  • Moses instructs the Israelites regarding setting aside challah, the observance of the Sabbath, how to treat strangers, and the laws of tzitzit. (15:1–41)

Ten Minutes of Torah: Sh'lach L'cha Commentary

an image of a grasshopper on a leaf

"Patience, Grasshopper"

By: Rabbi Leah R. Berkowitz

“Patience, grasshopper.” My dad said this so often when I was growing up, I didn’t realize it was a quote from a 1970s television show, “Kung Fu,” until I was in my thirties. From what I can gather, these words served as a warning from master to student: think things through, have faith in the process, and wait for the right moment. I always think of these words when we reach this week’s Torah portion.

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