When You Raise [the Lamps]

Numbers 8:1−12:16

When Is B'haalot'cha Read?

/ 16 Sivan 5784
/ 18 Sivan 5785
/ 21 Sivan 5786


  • God speaks to Moses, describing the menorah for the Tent of Meeting. The Levites are appointed to serve as assistants under Aaron and his sons. (8:1-26)
  • Those who are unable to celebrate Passover during Nisan are given a time in the month of Sivan to observe a "second Passover." (9:1-14)
  • A cloud by day and fire by night show God's Presence over the Tabernacle. When the cloud lifts from the Tabernacle, the people leave Sinai, setting out on their journey, tribe by tribe. (9:15-10:36)
  • The Israelites complain about the lack of meat, and Moses becomes frustrated. God tells him to appoint a council of elders. God provides the people with meat and then strikes them with a very severe plague. (11:1-34)
  • Miriam and Aaron talk about the "Cushite woman" whom Moses has married. In addition, they complain that God speaks not only through Moses but also through them. Miriam is struck with leprosy, and Moses begs God to heal her. After her recovery, the people resume their journey. (12:1-16)

Ten Minutes of Torah: B'haalot'cha Commentary


In God We Trust?

By: Rabbi Leah R. Berkowitz

In Parashat B'haalot'cha, the Israelites have been wandering in the wilderness for about two years. This means that, as a people, they are transitioning from infancy to toddlerhood. It’s no surprise that they start complaining about the food!

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