Tazria - M’tzora

תַזְרִיעַ - מְצֹרָע
Bearing Seed / A Leper

Leviticus 12:1-15:33

When Is Tazria - M’tzora Read?

/ 1 Iyar 5783
/ 5 Iyar 5785
/ 1 Iyar 5786


  • God describes the rituals of purification for a woman after childbirth. (12:1-8)
  • God sets forth the methods for diagnosing and treating a variety of skin diseases, including tzara-at (a leprous affection), as well as those for purifying clothing. (13:1-59)
  • Priestly rituals to cure tzara-at when it afflicts humans are described. (14:1-32)
  • Rituals to rid dwelling places of tzara-at are presented. (14:33-57)
  • The parashah denotes male impurities resulting from a penile discharge or seminal emission. (15:1-18)
  • The parashah concludes with accounts of female impurities caused by a discharge of blood. (15:19-33)

Ten Minutes of Torah: Tazria - M’tzora Commentary


The Curative Power of Ritual

By: Rabbi Dvora E. Weisberg

A journey through Tazria-M’tzora in a time of COVID-19 is revelatory. Things that never resonated before, things that seemed incomprehensible – perhaps even reprehensible – suddenly make sense.

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