Yom Rishon shel Sukkot

יוֹם רִאשׁוֹן שֶׁל סֻכֹּת
1st Day of Sukkot

Leviticus 23:33-44 

When Is Yom Rishon shel Sukkot Read?

/ 15 Tishri 5784
/ 15 Tishri 5787


In these verses, we are instructed to observe the festival of Sukkot for seven days. The first of the seven days is a sacred day, one on which we refrain from work. Our ancestors brought sacrifices to the Temple on each of the days and lived in a booth. Why would we be expected to dwell in a fragile booth, exposed to the elements? Perhaps it is so that we do not take our possessions for granted. Anyone who has experienced a hurricane or a fire in their home knows just how fragile our dwellings really are. We are told of the lulav and the etrog and we are commanded to rejoice on each of the seven days. How wonderful to be commanded to celebrate!

Ten Minutes of Torah: Yom Rishon shel Sukkot Commentary

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