Exodus 1:1−6:1

When Is Sh'mot Read?

/ 18 Tevet 5785
/ 21 Tevet 5786
/ 23 Tevet 5787


  • The new king of Egypt makes slaves of the Hebrews and orders their male children to be drowned in the Nile River. (1:1-22)
  • A Levite woman places her son, Moses, in a basket on the Nile, where he is found by the daughter of Pharaoh and raised in Pharaoh's house. (2:1-10)
  • Moses flees to Midian after killing an Egyptian. (2:11-15)
  • Moses marries Zipporah, the daughter of Midian's priest. They have a son named Gershom. (2:16-22)
  • God calls Moses from a burning bush and commissions him to free the Israelites from Egypt. (3:1-4:17)
  • Moses and Aaron request permission from Pharaoh for the Israelites to celebrate a festival in the wilderness. Pharaoh refuses and makes life even harder for the Israelites. (5:1-23)

Ten Minutes of Torah: Sh'mot Commentary

Torah text with silver had and tallit fringes

“Appreciating Rhymes”

By: Jonathan K. Crane

There is something quirky when events remind us of prior ones. This is how I felt when I read the first chapter of Exodus.

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Parashat Sh'mot: Moses and his Heavy Tongue

A burning bush that talks would probably make most of us stutter, but Moses had a speech impediment even before his divine shrubbery encounter. Why did G-d ask this shepherd "with a heavy tongue" to be a spokesman? Jason Lieberman, an advocate for the contemporary disabled, takes a stab at the answer.

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