Exodus 1:1−6:1

When Is Sh'mot Read?

/ 21 Tevet 5782
/ 21 Tevet 5783
/ 25 Tevet 5784


  • The new king of Egypt makes slaves of the Hebrews and orders their male children to be drowned in the Nile River. (1:1-22)
  • A Levite woman places her son, Moses, in a basket on the Nile, where he is found by the daughter of Pharaoh and raised in Pharaoh's house. (2:1-10)
  • Moses flees to Midian after killing an Egyptian. (2:11-15)
  • Moses marries Zipporah, the daughter of Midian's priest. They have a son named Gershom. (2:16-22)
  • God calls Moses from a burning bush and commissions him to free the Israelites from Egypt. (3:1-4:17)
  • Moses and Aaron request permission from Pharaoh for the Israelites to celebrate a festival in the wilderness. Pharaoh refuses and makes life even harder for the Israelites. (5:1-23)

Ten Minutes of Torah: Sh'mot Commentary


Where Is Humanity?

By: Rabbi Mary Zamore

This week’s Torah portion, Sh’mot, begins the well-known narrative of Israelite enslavement and redemption from Egyptian bondage. On face value, it tells us of God’s saving power at our greatest moment of need. However, within the twists and turns, we discover the Exodus narrative is as much about...

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Parashat Sh'mot: Moses and his Heavy Tongue

A burning bush that talks would probably make most of us stutter, but Moses had a speech impediment even before his divine shrubbery encounter. Why did G-d ask this shepherd "with a heavy tongue" to be a spokesman? Jason Lieberman, an advocate for the contemporary disabled, takes a stab at the answer.

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