Naso II

II נָשֹׂא
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Numbers 6:1-7:89

When Is Naso II Read?

/ 14 Sivan 5786
/ 14 Sivan 5787


  • The obligations of a nazirite vow are explained. They include abstaining from alcohol and not cutting one's hair. (6:1-21)
  • God tells Moses how to teach Aaron and his sons the Priestly Blessing. (6:22-27)
  • Moses consecrates the Sanctuary, and the tribal chieftains bring offerings. Moses then speaks with God inside the Tent of Meeting. (7:1-89)

Ten Minutes of Torah: Naso II Commentary

an image of two men and a woman on the bema in a sactuary praying

The Power, and the Permission, to Bless

By: Rabbi Leah R. Berkowitz

In this week’s Torah portion, Naso, God provides Moses with instructions on how Aaron and his sons—the kohanim (priests)—should bless the Israelites.

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One of the oddest, most thorny episodes in the Bible involves a man who suspects his wife of adultery. Inbal Freund-Novick, an Israeli activist for women's rights, tells the difficult tale of the accused wife in Parashat Naso. Hard to believe this stuff is in the Torah, but it's undeniably fascinating. Enjoy this video and others with BimBam.

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