The Words

Deuteronomy 1:1−3:22

When Is D'varim Read?

/ 4 Av 5783
/ 6 Av 5784
/ 8 Av 5785


  • Moses begins his final words of instruction to the Children of Israel, focusing first on recounting their physical journey. (1:1–21)
  • Moses reviews the people’s reactions to the negative reports of the spies and the appointment of Joshua to succeed him. (1:22–45)
  • Moses recounts that all of the Israelite warriors who left Egypt died, as God had intended, and the people continued their wanderings and defeated their enemies. (2:14–3:11)
  • Moses reiterates that the Land of Israel was allocated to the Israelite tribes. (3:12–22)

Ten Minutes of Torah: D'varim Commentary

Woman raises her hand in a business meeting

Correcting is Respecting

By: Rabbi Jacqueline Mates-Muchin

This week's Torah portion asks us to consider respect. Is it more respectful to allow someone to say something inaccurate, or is it more respectful to correct them?

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Video: Learn More About Parashat D'varim

Learn More About Parashat D'varim With Bim Bam

Flash forward! Moses is nearly 120 years old. No one who was wandering in the desert for 40 years is around anymore except a few good men: Joshua and Caleb. Enjoy this video and more with Bim Bam.

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