Bearing Seed

Leviticus 12:1−13:59

When Is Tazria Read?

/ 5 Nisan 5784
/ 3 Nisan 5787


  • God describes the rituals of purification for a woman after childbirth. (12:1-8)
  • God sets forth the methods for diagnosing and treating a variety of skin diseases, including tzara-at (a leprous affection), as well as those for purifying clothing. (13:1-59)

Ten Minutes of Torah: Tazria Commentary

two people standing in a hallway in a hospital

When a Hallway is Sacred: Priests and Purity

By: Cantor Jill Abramson

An article in the New York Times describes a moving ritual by hospital staff to honor a deceased person who intends to be an organ donor. This ritual stuck in my mind. I was struck by the way in which the hospital staff had created a ritual, complete with special choreography and the involvement of the entire community, to honor this poignant moment.

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Parshat Tazria: Skin Care Tips from the Torah

Tazria is possibly the grossest parsha in the entire Torah, full of scaly skin, sprouting sores and breakouts of Biblical proportions. Join the contagiously comic chronicler of crustiness Jennifer Traig for a tour of Biblical skin disease. Bring your own pimple cream. Watch this video and more with Bim Bam.

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