Take a Census

Numbers 4:21−7:89

When Is Naso Read?

/ 11 Sivan 5781
/ 12 Sivan 5782
/ 9 Sivan 5784


  • A census of the Gershonites, Merarites, and Koathites between the ages of thirty and fifty is conducted and their duties in the Tabernacle are detailed. (4:21-49)
  • God speaks to Moses concerning what to do with ritually unclean people, repentant individuals, and those who are suspected of adultery. (5:1-31)
  • The obligations of a nazirite vow are explained. They include abstaining from alcohol and not cutting one's hair. (6:1-21)
  • God tells Moses how to teach Aaron and his sons the Priestly Blessing. (6:22-27)
  • Moses consecrates the Sanctuary, and the tribal chieftains bring offerings. Moses then speaks with God inside the Tent of Meeting. (7:1-89)

NOTE: Sometimes Parashat Naso is separated into Naso I and Naso II as follows:

Naso I (Numbers 4:21-5:31)
Naso II (Numbers 6:1-7:89)

Ten Minutes of Torah: Naso Commentary

Torrah and Kippah

How Clothing Conveys Value, Rebuke, and Resurrection in the Bible

By: Dr. Ruhama Weiss, Ph.D.

The Torah portion, Naso, refers extensively to laws regarding the unfaithful wife:

"If any man’s wife has gone astray and broken faith with her husband … and there is no witness against her … the husband shall bring his wife to the priest. And he shall bring as an offering for her … The priest... Continue Reading
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