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Matot - Mas-ei

Matot - Mas-ei

The Tribes / The Marches of [the Israelites]

Moses spoke to the heads of the Israelite tribes, saying: "This is what the Eternal has commanded: If a householder makes a vow to the Eternal or takes an oath imposing an obligation on himself, he shall not break his pledge; he must carry out all that has crossed his lips." - Numbers 30:2-3

  • Moses explains to the Israelites the laws concerning vows made by men and women. (30:2—17)
  • Israel wages war against the Midianites. (31:1—18)
  • The laws regarding the spoils of war are outlined. (31:19—54)
  • The tribes of Reuben and Gad are granted permission to stay on the east bank of the Jordan River. (32:1—42)
  • The itinerary of the Israelites through the wilderness from Egypt to Jordan is delineated. (33:1-49)
  • Moses tells Israel to remove the current inhabitants of the land that God will give them and to destroy their gods. (33:50-56)
  • The boundaries of the Land of Israel are defined, along with those of the Levitical cities and the cities of refuge. (34:1-35:15)
  • God makes a precise distinction between murder and manslaughter. (35:16-34)
  • The laws of inheritance as they apply to Israelite women are delineated. (36:1-13)

When do we read Matot - Mas-ei?

2020 Jul 18
/26 Tammuz, 5780
2022 Jul 30
/2 Av, 5782


  • By Dr. Ruhama Weiss, Ph.D.

    Who distinguishes between Israel and other nations?

    The enormous ethical mission that the Reform Movement has taken upon itself in the last generation is the spiritual and practical strengthening of the belief that all people are created in God's image. This week's double portion tells of a battle in which the Israelites viciously vanquished the forces of the Midianites. Does their behavior reflect the image of God? Does ours?

  • Torah for Tots

    In this double portion, there is a lot of focus on building and community development. Here are some questions and ideas for discussions with young children.

  • Torah for Teens

    In this double parasha* boundaries are noted and itineraries set! Listen to learn of others they encounter in battle.

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